Swimming Nutrition Myths Busted!

How many nutrition myths do you know? When it comes to feeding hungry young swimmers, I’ve heard a few! “Don’t swim after eating!” Does that sound familiar? Read on to bust this myth and more, and swim faster for it!

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Mastering Open Water Swimming Challenges: 5 Expert Tips by Dina Levačić

At just 22 years old, Dina Levačić has made waves in the world of open water swimming,
achieving a Triple Crown within 90 days and completing numerous successful swimathons.
As a dedicated student of Rehabilitation and a passionate humanitarian, Dina is the perfect
guide to share her tips on overcoming initial challenges in the open water swimming.

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What are Swimcamps all about?

What are Swimcamps all about? Swimming is a popular sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, from recreational swimmers to professional athletes. SwimCamps offers a unique

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