Unlock Your Potential: Former Great Britain Swimmer Lauren Quigley Shares Essential Tips for Success!

Hi Swim Camps family, it’s Lauren Quigley here! I am a former swimmer for Great Britain and a proud coach for the wonderful Swim Camps!

I just wanted to write a few tips for all those swimmers out there, no matter your level/age/ability… one of the beauties of the best sport in the world is that almost every single person in the world can do it! 

First of all, my coach used to write on the board before each session the following quote… ‘tension is the enemy of speed’. I couldn’t agree more with this as the more you fight the water and feel tense during a race or training, the harder it is then to work with the water and use it to your advantage. Swimming is all about being relaxed but strong, using all of your leavers and balancing correctly to get into the strongest positions and using the water to work to your advantage. 

Second of all, focus on quality rather than just quantity. Technique can sometimes be overlooked or seen as boring during training, however, when I was younger I had a coach who used to work on technique, sculling, skills and drills with me in almost every session and it really paid off as I then progressed later in my career of swimming and had the foundations of great technique. 

Thirdly and finally, enjoy the sport as much as you can. Someone always used to say to me ‘a happy swimmer is a fast swimmer’ and as simple as that sounds, it couldn’t be more true. Swimming is a hardcore sport but if you can enjoy the process, yes enjoy the highs and learn from the lows, then this journey can provide you with so much more than just the medals and the records. The friends you make, the experiences you have and the life learnings you experience is second to none.

I hope you take some of this on board and good luck with you own individual swimming journey!