Osama Ahmed Momtaz: An Open-Water Legend

Swimming is not only a form of exercise, but it is also a way of life. It has the power to inspire and motivate people of all ages and backgrounds. In the world of open-water swimming, few names are as respected and revered as Osama Ahmed Momtaz. As a coach and swimmer, he has made a name for himself by completing some of the most challenging open-water swims in the world and inspiring countless swimmers to achieve their dreams.

Osama Ahmed Momtaz was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1961. At the age of 8, his parents took him to a local swimming pool to learn how to swim. From the very beginning, his coach recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue swimming as a sport. Soon, Osama found himself drawn to open-water swimming, which he saw as an exciting and challenging way to push his limits and explore the world.

Momtaz’s professional swimming career began in the 1970s when he competed in a 15 km marathon swim in Egypt. Over the years, he went on to complete some of the most challenging open-water swims in the world, including a two-way crossing of the English Channel in 21 hours and 37 minutes at the age of 21. He completed the Windermere swim with IMSHOF Honour Swimmer David Morgan as his crew. Momtaz also attempted a 32.3 km crossing of the Catalina Channel, which was cut short due to inclement weather.

In 1988, he completed the Traversée Internationale du lac Memphrémagog swim in Canada and was part of the Atlantic City Around the Island Swim, which was called off due to severe conditions. Momtaz competed in numerous international races, including those in Alexandria, Ismalia, and Suez Canal in Egypt, the Italian marathon swimming circuit in Venice-San Marco, Bacoli, and Ischia, and Pisfor and Gerne in Turkey.

Osama’s dedication and hard work paid off, and he was introduced into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2007 as an Honour Swimmer.

Coaching Career

After his remarkable swimming career, Momtaz dedicated his life to coaching and inspiring swimmers of all ages. He developed a coaching style that is constructed according to the athlete’s ability, targeted towards a specific goal, and intense enough to raise ambitions.

Osama believes that building a bridge of trust with his swimmers is key to achieving their personal best. He is always inspired by his swimmers’ intensity and love for the sport, and he encourages them to believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to achieving their goals.

Momtaz’s professional swimming career taught him the importance of a positive attitude and optimism in achieving success. He believes that having a positive outlook on life and a can-do attitude can help anyone overcome any obstacle in their path.

Osama’s accomplishments as an open-water swimmer are truly remarkable, and his dedication to the sport has earned him a place among the most accomplished swimmers in history. His experience as a professional athlete has taught him many valuable lessons, which he now imparts to all the swimmers he coaches.

When asked about his coaching style, Osama emphasizes the importance of constructing training plans that are tailored to each athlete’s specific abilities and goals. He believes in setting ambitious targets for his swimmers and working intensively to help them achieve their personal best.

But beyond this, he emphasizes the importance of building trust with his athletes. For Osama, coaching is not just about technical instruction, but about forming a bond of mutual respect and encouragement. He is inspired by the intensity and love for the sport that he sees in his swimmers, and he works to help them maintain their enthusiasm and passion.

Ultimately, Osama hopes that his swimmers will take away a sense of limitless possibility from working with him. He believes that swimming, like life, is full of challenges and obstacles, but that with a positive attitude and a determination to succeed, anything is possible. He encourages his swimmers to believe that the sky is the limit for what they can achieve.

In addition to his incredible accomplishments as an athlete and coach, Osama is also a fascinating individual with a unique personal story. One fun fact about him is that he has completed four masters and two Ph.D.s. One of the reasons for continuing his swimming path is to give himself an excuse to travel the world and swim in different bodies of water on five continents. It’s clear that for Osama, swimming is not just a sport or a profession, but a way of life.

Joining the Swim Camps

Today, Osama continues to inspire and motivate swimmers worldwide through his coaching and participation in various open-water swimming events. He has joined SwimCamps, a brand that organizes top-notch camps and promotes the sport of swimming globally.
These camps are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their skills, build endurance, and take their performance to the next level.

Momtaz will be leading the open-water swimming portion of the camp in Lagos, Portugal, from April 27th to May 1st, 2023. Under his expert guidance, swimmers will have the opportunity to perfect their technique and gain the confidence they need to tackle any body of water.

If you’re interested in improving your open-water swimming skills and learning from one of the most accomplished athletes and coaches in the world, SwimCamps’ upcoming camp in Lagos, Portugal is the perfect opportunity. With Coach Osama’s expert guidance and the stunning natural beauty of Lagos as a backdrop, you’ll have everything you need to take your performance to the next level and achieve your goals.