1996 and 2004 Olympic

32 Swiss championship

Record holder in
sprint freestyle

World championship on short
tracks and long distances

Multiple All-American honors
while studying in the
United States

Dominique is a Swiss former swimmer who specialized in sprint freestyle events. Zurich native become a member of the Switzerland’s national team from 1992-2004, competed in two Olympics and several World and European championships.

Diezi O’Brien has worked as a counselor for Swiss Swimming inage group development programs. She has also worked swim camps at various universities in the United States.

All her experience gained troughtout the years, as a swimmer but also a coach, she directed into establishing a summer swim camp Tenero, educating future coaches, and continuing her everlasting love for the sport while coaching upcoming swimmers at Swiss Swimming. In addition to her work as a coach, Diezi O’Brien has also served as a freelance translator and as an ESL teacher for adultsand children.