Welcome Dr. Zied Abbes,
SwimCamps Associate Partner

Dr. Zied Abbes is a highly accomplished sports expert with a passion for helping others achieve their fitness and well-being goals. He has a wealth of experience in coaching, advising, and organizing international sporting events.
Dr. Abbes has a PhD in Sports Sciences from the prestigious Claude Bernard University in Lyon,
France. He also has a diploma in Sports Management. His ambition is to share his knowledge and expertise with others so that they can take charge of their own physical and mental health.
Dr. Abbes is a driven and experienced professional with over a decade of success in the sports industry. He has worked with Qatar National Teams and has overseen the successful execution of international events in Doha. His duties have included recruiting and training new staff, coordinating with different departments, and addressing the needs of teams and athletes participating in conferences and competitions.
In short, Dr. Zied Abbes is a passionate and knowledgeable sports expert who is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness and well-being goals. He is a valuable asset to the sports industry and to
the community.