Introducing Dr. Richard Swinbourne, a distinguished authority in the fields of sleep science, sport nutrition and lifestyle
medicine. With a unique blend of expertise, Dr.
Swinbourne combines his profound understanding of sleep science with the
principles of performance nutrition and lifestyle medicine to promote holistic well-being and athletic performance. 

His pioneering research and evidence-based practices have shed light on the vital role sleep plays in overall health and how it intersects with performance and recovery. Driven by a passion for empowering individuals to optimize their sleep and nutrition habits and make sustainable
lifestyle changes, Dr. Swinbourne’s expertise offers a transformative approach to achieving restful sleep, a performance diet and cultivating a healthier, more balanced life. 

Prepare to embark on a journey of sleep enlightenment and lifestyle transformation with Dr. Richard Swinbourne as your guide.

Competitive swimming places high endurance, strength and power demands on the young athlete. Training in the pool and gym requires neural and muscular recovery to adapt to training, and these adaptations to become faster occur during sleep and in the kitchen. Richard brings a dynamic and unique skillset to the sleep and performance nutrition swimming landscape with 15 years of experience working at the world elite level with respect to human performance. From All Black rugby to Olympic swimmer Joseph Schooling and including 6 years as head of sport and swimming nutrition at the Singapore Sport Institute, Richard has applied his nutrition and sleep science knowledge to optimise performance and
recovery for hundreds of athletes. Richard is excited to explore this optimisation journey alongside SwimCamps and offer young athletes the best advice and plans to help them grow, perform and achieve their sporting dreams.


Sport Nutrition Consults
 Nutrition assessment…are you eating enough for your sport and goals?
 Swimming specific training, race and recovery
 Nutrition for Energy, Power, Growth, Healthy body weight
 Nutrition for optimal brain function
 Nutrition for health, wellness and immunity
 Nutrition for better sleep

Sleep & Fatigue Consults
 Sleep and fatigue assessment…are you getting the rest you need?
 Sleep for sport performance
 Sleep education
 Sleep optimisation strategies
 Sleep strategies for academic learning
Lifestyle Medicine Consults
 Harnessing the power of sleep, nutrition and exercise as medicine
 Longevity & Healthspan
 Chronic disease prevention; Heart,
diabetes, cancer, weight management
 Chronic disease management